Internships and Student Opportunities

As of March 14, Community Health Network is currently closed to all students and observations due to the COVID-19 outbreak and response. We currently do not have an estimate of when those restrictions will be lifted and will update this page as more information is available. Thank you for your patience as we work together to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Community Health Network offers students and new graduates a chance to gain quality career experience and become valued members of the Community team through internships, job shadowing and observation experiences.

NOTE: If you are interested in paid employment with Community, please explore our current job postings.


Internship application is currently closed. Please read below to see if a job shadow/observation experience may fit your needs.

An internship is an unpaid, structured work experience that usually relates to a student’s major or career goal. It may be for credit or may fulfill some academic requirement for graduation. Typically, the internship experience lasts one academic semester/term and can be part- or full-time. Through the experience, interns have the opportunity to gain new skills, knowledge and valuable work experience to add to their resumes. Internships also provide students an opportunity to network and develop personal references that may be helpful in future job searching.

Job Shadowing/Observation

Community Health Network also offers those considering a career in healthcare the opportunity to participate in a job shadow experience. Through job shadowing, students are able to supplement what they are learning in the classroom with direct exposure to the hospital environment. To qualify for a job shadow experience, you must be 16 years of age.

Current Opportunities