Heart Attack Warning Signs

Learn what a heart attack feels like and what to do if you or a loved one are experiencing any of these symptoms.

Take Action

  1. Know the signs of a heart attack
  2. Understand that not all heart attacks are the same.
  3. Act fast.
  4. Call 9-1-1.

Community Heart and Vascular Hospital has one of Indiana's only 24-hour cardiac emergency rooms with a cardiologist on-site 24 hours every day. But all of Community's ER's are equipped to treat heart attack. Remember, minutes matter!

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Warning Signs

Chest Pain or Discomfort

Discomfort in the center or left side of the chest that lasts more than a few minutes or goes away and comes back. May feel like pressure, squeezing fullness, or pain. May also feel like heartburn or indigestion.

Other Upper Body Pain or Discomfort

May be felt in one or both arms, the back, shoulders, neck, jaw, or upper part of the stomach (above the belly button).

Shortness of Breath

May be the only symptom, or it may occur before or along with chest pain or discomfort. May occur when resting or during easy activities.

Other Possible Symptoms

May include breaking out in a cold sweat, feeling unusually tired, nausea, or light-headedness. Any sudden new symptom or change in usual symptoms also should be a concern.